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Activities & Snapshots

Student learning is no longer bound by textbooks or confined to classrooms. Schools have been providing students with broad and balanced life-wide learning experiences, allowing them to learn five essential learning experiences, namely Intellectual Development, Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Physical and Aesthetic Development, and Career-related Experiences, in authentic settings.
Over the past ten-odd years, schools have made good use of the “Hong Kong Jockey Club Life-wide Learning Fund” to subsidise needy students to participate in different areas of life-wide learning activities including leadership training, field studies for subjects, overseas exchange tours, visits to business organisations and robotics competitions, etc, enabling students to acquire experiences that are difficult to gain in a lesson, develop and apply various genetic skills, as well as nurture positive values and attitudes. The Education Bureau also organises professional development programmes and events to support teachers to organise related activities in order to help students achieve whole-person development.